Letter to the Groom

Dear groom,

It will seem strange that a wedding planner will talk directly to you in a world where everything is in the thousand shades of pink and instead… here I am!

Use these lines as a survival manual, the instruction booklet to make the wedding organization work and to get to say your yes limiting stress and having optimized time and resources.

You asked yourself…but you didn’t have the guts to ask aloud “What does the wedding planner do? Who is she? What does she want? ” and immediately after… with the trickle of sweat down your back” how much will it cost me!? “.

I’ll help you: I am a wedding planner, I am an event organizer with 15 years’ experience and I have been in the wedding world for 5 years. I do not decide anything to my taste, I give shape to the ideas of the newlyweds, I help them to respect the budget, not to waste time and resources, but above all I listen. Really a lot.

My job is to put me at your side and, together with you, to understand what to do, where, with which suppliers, in what times, at what price and with which tools. I avoid the thousand laps to make you do a lot of different quotes that, often, it is also difficult to compare: we decide together who to evaluate, I collect the proposals and then examine them together. Faster, cheaper and, more importantly, less stressful.

I can’t (and I don’t want) to replace you (although, perhaps, you would be happy if I brought certain participations!) but I can avoid you races, unnecessary expectations and unexpected costs.

And now do not think that it is just a luxury: our fee always depends on what together we establish to follow and I can tell you that it never exceeds the cost of what would pay to repair the errors.

Trust me, getting help in arranging marriage is the only way to get to that day having fully enjoyed the beauty that in this period of rapprochement there is: it does not detract something from the role of friends and relatives, but it rather avoids you having to see them snorting for your several help requests. It helps to give concreteness to ideas and desires, to coordinate everything and leave you free not to think about the tasks but only to your love.

Marriage is not just the wedding day, but the whole time to organize it.

Until here you have listened me so much, now I am here to listen to you

Your wedding planner

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