Letter to the Bride

Dear Bride,

Look at a fixed point, breathe, relax and be happy!

He’s come, he’s been waiting a lifetime… it’s its. Maybe you fantasized or maybe not, maybe you imagine it as the most important day of your life or maybe not, perhaps, in your thoughts, you have already planned every smallest detail or maybe not, but one thing is certain: no matter which “maybe” you are part, a woman struggling with marriage will turn… and that’s where we come in.

We will be your ideas, your dreams and your eyes; we will be the pillow of your stressful moments and the external pressures you will receive; we will be friends and professionals and we will accompany you on the journey. No matter what the road is, the most important thing about this day is that it is as you want it, or rather… as you both will want it.

This is your party and you will be the protagonists of a memory that you will take forever in your heart… have fun!

Your wedding planner

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